CRESTOR effectively reduces ‘bad’ LDL-Cholesterol at a low dose.3

As well as potentially cutting LDL-Cholesterol by half, CRESTOR has also been shown to get patients to their LDL goal on the usual starting dose of 10mg.7,8

Why Your Cholesterol Goal Is So Important

High LDL-Cholesterol is directly linked to heart disease and stroke. Evidence shows for every one standard unit reduction (measured in mmol/L) in LDL, the relative risk of cardiovascular events is reduced by around 20%.1

CRESTOR also has a positive effect on HDL (good cholesterol) which is maintained across the range of doses available.3

Worldwide Experience

CRESTOR is approved for use in over 95 countries. More than 240 million prescriptions have been written for CRESTOR worldwide.10

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Crestor 10mg is the starting dose to reduce LDL-Cholesterol.2